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ITK LOGISTIC GRUP S.R.L., with headquarters in Bucharest, partner of the well known ITK multinational group - TRASPORTI INTERNAZIONALI of Italy, having an accumulated experience of more than 30 years in the field, offers you a large range of services concerning national and international goods transport and logistics, distribution and customs assistance as follows:

Road Transport
Marine Transport
Air Transport
Railway Transport

Logistics as integrated in the international network, allows programming and monitoring of the transport operative activities by modern technologies, thus ensuring maximal security transits, as acquired after many years of activity in the field.

With any of the companies belonging to our group, trustfully try the transport services under groupage regime and the complete ones, “from” respectively “to” Italy and all EU countries, to the most different destinations of Eastern Europe, respectively “to” and “from” Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Poland, Moldavia Republic, Ukraine, Belarus (Bielorussia), Baltic Republics, Russia and the other countries of the ex Soviet Union.

Through our partners from Italy having branches in Vanzago – Milan, Malpensa Airport, Turin, Verona, Vicenza, Ancona, of our companies in Russia and Bulgaria, of our permanent correspondents in all Europe, United States, Extreme and Medium Orient, ITK LOGISTIC GRUP offers its most modern and best quality services, making available to you an organised structure with a certified quality system, able to satisfy any kind of requirement.

We execute loading, goods taking up from any zone in the country of departure, goods consigning in any zone in the country of destination, internal travels and goods warehousing, under and without customs seal, packaging and labelling special operations at the highest standard.

We kindly ask you not to forget we are with you in order to settle not only the orders received and being in progress, for which we are grateful, but also in order to give you the most advantageous for you, necessary consulting related to logistics, distribution, customs assistance. Likewise, we make free estimates and target prices for all kinds of goods transport and insurance for our dedicated clients, from and to any destination where our group operates with.

ITK LOGISTIC GRUP organises, executes and provides for the development of road, marine, river and air transports and their related activities, at international level and on the Romanian territory.

Goods haulage and the connected activities are made under safe and quality conditions, observing the free competition principles and the environmental protection measures.
Our experts, true leaders in the sector of domestic and international transport, use all their knowledge of a high professional preparation level and their large efficiency in the field, in order to meet your demand. They will help you to find the best domestic and international transport or logistics solutions, as well as to solve the connected customs formalities, at distance or making available authorised personnel. All these allow the most effective administration of the “door-to-door” service by centralisation and co-ordination of all the transport operations by the “customer client” service.

An advanced and customised technological system, created pursuant to the experience cumulated along the time, as implemented in the “client–oriented” and “client–satisfaction” direction, allows the operative and interactive “just–in-time” administration and the integration of the goods flows and growing continuous transport vectors.

By virtue of the law for the approval of the O.G. no. 109 / 2005, art. 47:

“(1) Mediation activities regarding the road transport operations are achieved based on contracts by taking up the road transport orders from the beneficiaries, and the same are to be executed by an agent/dealer, on his behalf or by a public road transport operator, based on contracts.

(2) Tasks and responsibilities of the agent as resulted from the provisions of the mediation contract as concluded between the parties.”

Moreover, in art. 536 the following are specified:

(1) Within the execution of the connected activity of mediation, transport organising is made on the grounds and under the conditions of the contract as concluded between the client and the agent and between the agent and the transport operator/carrier.

(2) Applying par. (1), the operator who holds the licence for mediation services has the obligations and the responsibilities resulted from that contracts.

In this sense, by virtue of art. 534, a contract or an order is deemed as accepted, only if they contain all the elements necessary for the transport being carried out.

Chapter X “Contraventions and Penalties” art. 58, lett. x) stipulates that contravention / infringement means “carrying out of mediation activities related to public road transport that are not stipulated in transport contracts as decided in this emergency ordinance”.

Consequently, art. 59 point (1) provides fine penalty from 10.000 lei (RON) to 15.000 lei (RON), applied to Romanian or foreign enterprises or road transport operators, as the case may be, respectively for the deeds provided in art.58, lett. x).

Concerning the CMR convention we hereby acknowledge you according to art. 535:

(1) Provisions at points 2 and 3 of art. 1 and art. 2 – 30 and 32-41, excepted for those provided in art. 23 point 3 of the Convention on the roads goods international transport contract (CMR), signed in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 19th,1956, to which Romania adhered by the Decree no. 451 of November 20th,1972 as published in the Official Gazette no. 145 of December 6th, 1972, herein called CMR Convention, are lawfully applicable to goods road public transport executed with cars in national traffic.

(2) In national traffic, the provisions of art. 23 point 3 of the CMR Convention will have the following content: “Nevertheless, the quantum of the compensations may not exceed the equivalent in lei of 2,5 USD / Kg of gross weight as missing”.


We stay at your disposal for any other information and price quotations. Please fill in the client card and in occasion of the first order, you will receive a 5% bonus that you may use as a discount for the following transport, according to the groupage tariffs in force.

With this occasion we send you our best regards.