Road Transport

ITK LOGISTIC GRUP S.R.L., with headquarters in Bucharest, partner of the well known ITK multinational group – TRASPORTI INTERNAZIONALI of Italy, having an accumulated experience of more than 30 years in the field, offers you a large range of services concerning national and international goods transport and logistics, distribution and customs assistance as follows:

Specialised goods road transport is carried out by regulated special and occasional services, as follows:

- Road transport in national traffic
- Road transport in international traffic
- Exceptional / overload road transport
- Road transport in zones of small traffic of frontier
- Local road transport
- Intercounty road transport

In relation to the optimised running diagrams, we accomplish goods transport under groupage or complete regimes for multiple destinations «from» and «to» Eastern Europe.
The transport means that we have are maximally trustful and have competitive costs. The service is guaranteed by a large range of transport means, baffle cloth or van types.
Regulating services for 13,6 ml trucks and trailers (TIRs / long vehicles), specialised trucks with supports for clothes and 6,5 ml dedicated vans and port-container lorries are guaranteed.

Special and occasional services are also provided for Jumbo, “gooseneck” type trucks, for megatrailer type trucks and semitrailer for large volumes, and transport means for exceptional goods and refrigerated trucks.

Also under special transport regime we provide services for:

- dangerous goods road transport (observing the provisions of the European Agreement on the dangerous goods international road transport (A.D.R.);
- road transport of the dangerous goods (observing the specific regulations in force);
- transport of living animals.

All transports are effected within the maximum limit of availability of our transport means.

Regular, special and occasional weekly groupage services

The road service offers multiple weekly departures “from“ and “to” our Vanzago – Milan terminal, where we take the benefits of an own customs point at ITK or SOGEMAR and from our Verona terminal with customs point at ITK or D.C. Quadrante Europa, three arrival points in Romania being provided: ORADEA, DEVA and BUCHAREST, where from our warehouses, in accordance with Your requirements, the goods may be distributed on the entire territory of Romania.

ITK LOGISTIC GROUP offers to all its clients having transport contracts in progress, tariffs and services under convention through the following customs commissioners: Romtrans – Oradea with distance customs and the clearing possibility even on Saturdays and Sundays, Export – Trading – Deva with distance customs and Shane Consult in Bucharest – Vama Baneasa.